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The Lady on the Rock - a symbol of Whakatane's history

September 26, 2017


The striking bronze statue of Wairaka, the Lady on the Rock, stands proudly atop the Turuturu Rock at Whakatane Heads. Wairaka is an icon to Whakatane and widely recognised as a representative of the area. Even from a distance, Wairaka is hard to miss. The statue sparks a need to know why the Lady on […]

Discover the Mātaatua Māori Marae Cultural Immersion Experience

September 12, 2017


In Whakatane there is a cultural experience like no other – The Mātaatua Māori Marae. Offering a personal, interactive and genuine insight into Māori culture, the experience has won numerous awards since it opened in 2011. Mātaatua Māori Marae – the house that came home It’s the 1870s, and with the British Government confiscating lands and […]

Kiwi capital of the world a safe home for our national icon

August 28, 2017


The Kiwi are our national icon and we cherish them here in New Zealand. But our beloved Kiwi are in trouble and a group of exceptional volunteers in the Kiwi capital of the world will stop at nothing to help them. In the Whakatane and Ohope regions, Kiwi are being given a chance to prosper. […]

Visit Ohope Beach and discover why it's voted NZ's most loved beach

August 8, 2017

Ohope Beach

  When deciding on a holiday destination, we’re all looking for somewhere that ticks all the boxes. It must be coastal and quiet, yet it must also offer plenty to do. Where on the New Zealand map is the true Kiwi town that lets us escape our daily pressures? Ohope Beach. Winter or summer, Ohope […]

Current property market figures for Whakatane

July 24, 2017

Real Estate news

Whether you’re buying or selling, it’s important to know the latest statistics in the housing market. As one of Whakatane’s most trusted Real Estate Agents, we are committed to giving you the success you desire, when leasing, renting, buying and selling property. House prices change on a monthly basis, so if you’re buying, selling or […]

Discover White Island - Whakaari, its history and how to get there

July 11, 2017


Any visit to the Bay of Plenty isn’t complete without a trip to White Island. This stunning volcano has built up over the previous 150,000 years, resulting in the classic cone shape it is today. The 321 metre high island we see, is only the tip of an enormous underwater mountain which descends over one […]