At EDGE, we know our people are our greatest asset. To provide our clients great service, we have great people. Here at EDGE we are looking to grow and maintain our reputation for great service and by doing that we need more great people.  Are you great?

Potential Positions on offer:

Junior Sales Agent
A Junior Sales Agent is generally someone newly out of school or university – or this position can apply to a mature age person wanting a refreshing career change. A Salesperson Qualification is required and can be gained from the Open Polytechnic and studied at your own pace.  Once qualified, you can gain experience as a personal assistant to a senior sales agent as your first 6 months is required by the Real Estate Agency Authority to be under supervision.  During this time, marketing yourself and gaining listings is critical to your success while having a mentor helping guide you through that first 6 months.

Factors that make a successful real estate sales person:
• The understanding that this is their job for life and they are going to succeed. People who just want to try working in real estate ‘just to see what it’s like’ generally don’t succeed.
• The understanding by new agents that listing real estate (i.e. finding new homes for sale) is 90% of the job.


Experienced Sales Agent

Been there, done that? Looking for a change of location to Sunny Whakatane?  We are different in that if you list the property, then it is also your sell = listing and selling commission gauranteed.  Can you list real estate?  if you can, you will fly.  No arguements about commission or clients, no seagulls in the office waiting to sell your new listing.  A great environment where we actually refer each other, not fighting with each other for the commission.  you do all the work listing it = you reap all the benefits when it sells.

Do yourself a favour and have a chat with us today.


Property Manager
We pride ourselves on our professionalism and high quality service that we offer our clients. You are a representation of our EDGE brand and the role requires great service to these clients and tenants.

Key aspects of this role:
• Responsible for the delivery of great service to our clients and tenants
excellent time management skills, organising and prioritising tasks
• Will be supported by a senior property manager
• Work with the latest property management technology

You will be responsible for:
• Liaising with tenants on all day to day matters
• Taking direction from a senior property manager
• Facilitating and following up all maintenance
• Conducting inspections and overseeing arrears

To be successful in this role, you must have:
• A great track record of providing outstanding service to their clients
• Excellent communication skills
• A current drivers license

We take a genuine interest in our team and foster a professional work environment. An attractive salary package plus bonus to match the successful candidate’s experience will be offered.


The success of a real estate office starts with the administrator. This position is ideally suited to people with incredible skills of co-ordination and multi-tasking. The variation of work is rewarding.  Administrators will pick up skills in the areas of accounting, advertising, marketing, payroll, government legislation, property law and much more.
The potential for career growth can be limitless. Many great property managers and senior sales staff have come from the ranks of the administrative team.

If any of these potential positions interest you, please email you resume to our Director Richard Baker in the strictest of confidence at